PhonePe Customer Care Support 24/7

People are searching for the Phonepe Toll Free Helpline. The reason is the failed transactions. Sometimes, money gets debited from your account but did not reach the beneficiary account. You may be facing the same problem that is why you searched for the Phonepe Customer care support.

In this post, I would tell you the Phonepe Customer care helpline number along with the other methods of contacting the Phonepe Customer Support 24/7.

PhonePe Customer Care Number

You must learn about the other methods of customer support as these methods are more effective and come with proof. You would always get a better response when you write your complaint.

4 Way to contact Phonepe Customer care. Thus, I would tell you the following things in this post.

  1. The Toll-free Helpline Number and Way to Contact
  2. Chat Support of PhonePe
  3. How to Mail to PhonePe

Along with that, I would also suggest some methods to deal with such a problem yourself. and some very important tips which would keep your money safe.

Top Tips for Phonepe Problems

You must be very tense about your money and want the immediate solution. But before going into that go through these tips. It would certainly help you. Else you can jump directly to the Toll-free number of Phonepe.

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PhonePe Customer Care Support

1.  Settlement May Take Time

The 99% of Phonepe complains are for the Non-credit of the money. So, it is the most common problem. But in 4 out of 5 cases, this problem gets resolved itself and the beneficiary gets money after 1-2 working days.

So, you should wait for a few days. You must wait if there is a bank holiday in between. Most of the problem itself settles after the holiday.

2. Don’t Panic

The Phonepe Customer care would act on your complaints only after 3 days of the transaction. So, Don’t panic. Wait for 3 days before registering a complaint. 

3. Payment Processing May take Longer Time

By the way, Phonepe itself says that sometimes the payment processing can take up to one week. Thus if you see the payment status as ‘processing’, wait till it turns into ‘success’ or ‘failed’. 

4. Avoid Toll-Free Number

The helpline number seems the easiest method of the complaint. But It takes more time as there can be a waiting period. Also if you search the helpline number in Google search and in the social networks, you can encounter a fraud number. So, I advise avoiding the toll-free number altogether.

5. Verify Beneficiary Account

Check with the beneficiary whether he has linked his UPI app with the correct bank account. Sometimes people may be checking the statement of the wrong bank account. 

PhonePe Problems (Reasons for contacting Customer care)

There can be many issues that force you to contact Phonepe Customer Support. There are a lot of things for which you might need some help from Phonepe customer care.

Even sometimes you need to make a complaint about an issue you are facing. Be it the app activation or making the payments. You can reach out to Phonepe customer care and seek some help.

I have listed some of the common problems of Phonepe.

Phonepe issues:

  1. Amount debited from your bank account but not credited to the recipient’s account. This is the problem of 99% of Phonepe users.
  2. The problem in sending or receiving money using Phonepe payment app.
  3. Unable to create UPI account.
  4. Can’t create or reset UPI PIN using Phonepe app.
  5. Your bank account is not listed on Phonepe.
  6. Your payment got stuck.
  7. Phonepe App is not working properly.

If you are facing any of the above issues then don’t worry. I am going to tell you how can you contact Phonepe customer care service to resolve the problem.

1. Self Troubleshoot

You can take the help of Phonepe Customer Support. But I will also tell you some possible solutions so that you can solve the problem yourself. In fact,  there are some problems that don’t require contacting Phonepe customer care. Instead, you can solve them by following some easy steps. To Self Troubleshoot the problem, you should jump to the ‘Self troubleshoot Section’.

As I have said there are many ways to register your grievance. You can either call, chat with them, mail them, request a callback or post a query in the Phonepe forum.

2. Toll-Free Number of Phonepe

Most of the people want to know the Toll-free number of customer care helpline of Phonepe. It is natural as banks and telecom companies resolve problems through this route.

Phonepe has won an official toll free contact number; That is given below.

Phonepe Toll-Free Helpline Number: 0124 6789 345

Beware of Fake Toll-Free Numbers

 There are many fraud numbers floating on the internet, if you dial that number, the fraudster can cheat you. The fraud number is being circulated through the Twitter Hashtags as well. Look Following Screenshot.

PhonePe Customer Care Support 24/7

3. Support Ticket Via Chat

You can quickly contact customer care through calls, chats, and emails. Moreover, you will find solutions to some common issues on this page itself.

A support ticket is one of the easiest ways to contact Phonepe customer care. You can chat with Phonepe Customer Care through the app. If a Customer Care Executive is available, you can speak immediately. Otherwise, you can write your problem, the support person will answer it as soon as possible.

PhonePe has a well-structured support system. The problems are categorized. When you choose your category and explain your problem, the system itself provides some solutions. Because of this arrangement, in most cases, you get your answer without actually having to contact.

Steps of Support Ticket:

  1. To contact the Phonepe customer service executive you have to open the app and go to the History section.
Phonepe customer care support

2. Then select that payment was pending or failed.

Phonepe customer care support

3. After selecting your problem, let it be below the screen click Contact Phonepe Support button.

4. The Support page contains various categories of your problems. Choose the type of problem that you face.

In the contact page, you have to write your problem in detail. The system would automatically gather some basic information about the problem. It would again suggest some answer, If you are not satisfied, an executive would attend your problem.

4. Contact phonePe customer support via email

You can send an email directly to contact the phone customer care. In the mail, you have to write your own problem. If this is transaction-related, be sure to specify the transaction ID. You can find the details of your transaction from the History section. The email ID for this help is provided below.

Official Email Address:

5. RBI Ombudsman

Besides many ways of customer support, you may not be satisfied. In such case, you can complain to the Ombudsman. Recently the RBI has posted 21 ombudsmen for the digital transaction. You must go to them for any problem but only if the Phonepe did not resolve your issue.

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